Our Achievements - Year 2016-17

Students Strength

Virutcham School started with 815 students and 92 preceptors.

1st junior sports day

Initially, disparate prizes were won by our students at inter-school competitions regionally. At the very beginning, on July, Virutcham School conducted its 1st junior sports day, our juveniles participated in disparate events such as Bunny Rabbits, Ten Little Fingers, Puzzles and all the kid participants won prizes

Quest a con * 16

At the mean time, our students competed an inter-school competition, in “Quest a con * 16, A Mega Math event” organized by Velammal Bhodhi Campus and won 21 prizes along with several appreciation awards on the event of Math working models, Puzzles, paper presentation and PowerPoint presentation.

Language Week

Virutcham School organized language week “Sharpening the language skill”, Our school student participated, competed in various level of competition and won prizes.


Consequently, on September, Velammal Institution organized another event, “PROGRESSIO-16, An English Mega Quest”, in which our Quick-witted students under “Play for a cause”, “Verbal art”, “Ad-zap”, “Play the scene” and “Debate”.

Tamil Week

Again a milestone to develop the student’s language, Virutcham conducted “Muthamizh vaaram” and our scholastic students won lots of prizes.


“Science Mega Event- VIGYAAN-16” , duly conducted by Velammal school on October, our ingenious students competed and won several prizes in the events such as Vocalize me, Little whiz, Maglev, Kalam theatre, Factory, Electra, next gen and LED-maze along with several appreciation awards. Successively, within 5 months, our student’s proficiency flourished that was shown in VIGYAAN-16. Our little Genii triumphed with 2nd place in overall championship GMSAT, Talent exam was conducted in school premises fitly on September, in which our little genii won furthermore prizes and awards.

Group Recitation & Sing Along

To prevent or break the bigot system in education, our students were motivated to participate in Group Recitation and Sing Along through which the students can learn the subjects as songs. This motivated the students to learn singing. This was participated in groups to encourage team work and team building.

Heritage Week

Week celebration marks the event that celebrates the fascinating world of languages, technology and skills. Equipped with different plan, a week was celebrated as Heritage week where the traditional Indian games were played. Our students participated in all the events and won several prizes along with the inculcation of the importance of our tradition and culture.

GMSAT & Olympiad

Our students flavoured their talents in the competitive exams such as Olympiad and GMSAT. Abirami.N from UKG won 2nd prize in National level in GMSAT. In Olympiad, our students Rebecca Cindrella Grace of Grade I won International 3rd rank, K.R.Kanmani of Grade II won International 4th rank, N.Angel and A.Sarukesan won International 5th rank in Mathematics Olympiad along with several appreciation awards according to the subjects.

House board Competitions

Our students had a great fortune to celebrate Religious and National festivals where they were motivated to decorate their house boards with the information according to the festivals through this they could habituate the importance of those festivals.

Math Week

To develop student's Arithmetic skill, VIP School organized Math Week where the students participated in variant competition such as Tangrams, Factor race, Quiz, Drama on Math in Real life etc,. and won several prizes.

Senior Sports Day

The Inter-house dramatic competition continuous to be one of the biggest attractions of the year. We have four houses namely Vajra, Vaibhav, Vairaj and Viraat houses which depict the colour of violet, yellow, green and pink respectively. Our active students participated hard in short term for the events. The overall champion ship honor for this academic year 2016-17 went to the VAIBHAV house. Our senior students participated in various sports events such as Volley ball, Foot ball, Throw ball held in Thiruvannamalai. Our students also participated in zonal level chess competition held at SBOA School, Chennai. We are proud to say that our school football team had won 3rd place in district level open tournament. Our students also participated in Boxing, Kung fu, Karate and Archery in which they won National level prizes.


Equipped with distinct week celebration, Socio-fest was celebrated to inculcate the current affairs and social information to the students. Various competitions were held such as Mapping, Elocution on Leader, Mime and Skit etc,. where the students were participated eagerly and won several prizes.

Science Day

As we celebrated language week for languages, Science day was celebrated to inculcate the technological skill of our students. The Annual Science exhibition show cased the talents of every little VIP’ians. There was an obvious integration between art skills and the variety of concepts imbibed in classes, drawing out the pupil’s innate creative capacity.

Talent Kids (Drawing Competition)

Our students not only provided with the opportunity to develop their skill of arts but also they are motivated to participate in drawing competition organized by TALENT KIDS where our school artists brought out "The Best School" award for our school and won several prizes.

Scout and Guide

VIP Students are not only favoured to learn subject but also favoured to enlarge their support in physical, mental and spiritual courage. Scouting and guiding has given them a fantastic opportunity to do lots of activities to imbibe life with service. Our students participated in scout camp held in Ayilavadi and putforth our school name with their spirit of service.